Welcome to my blog

Thank you for taking the time to look at my plaque work. I've been sculpting specifically for the plaque industry for about a decade now. I've worked with many of the major architectural signage foundries in the U.S. as well as their many dealers across the country. I am particularly capable of capturing likeness on bas relief portraits. I've sculpted portraits of famous people, private families, pets, and poeple of note from various institutions. My pricing is fair and my lead times are very reasonable, about 2 weeks. Rush services are available.

In addition to portraits, I can produce scenery, animals, buildings, lettering and custom borders and patterns. I have sculpted government and military seals of various sizes. I have taken flat relief patterns and created sculpted versions from them. My carpentry skills make various kinds of custom patterns also available. I make molds and resin patterns for all of my pieces so that if damage occurs anywhere along the way after approval, I can quickly and inexpensively re-produce the same pattern within a few days.

I would love to provide you with sculpted imagery for your plaques. Please contact me to discuss your next project, (801) 477-4188.

Custom border

This is a custom size border pattern I produced for a plaque company. I sent the wood & clay pattern to the foundry who applied text and background texture by way of one of their photopolymers. I don't think this far right image is the one I made. But it is very similar to what I was looking at when I made the piece, and I'm sure the finished product is very similar.

I made the pattern using an mdf panel, small wooden dowels, glue and clay. I still have the mold for this one as is the case with most of my work.